well here it goes…

My billionth attempt at a blog.  Not really sure why I find it so complicated to stick to this, but here it goes.

My weekend was spent getting over the horrible stomach virus that has been going around.  It kept me out of work 3 days last week.  I’m FINALLY feeling better and that’s a good thing because if I have to sit in the house any longer I may just go insane.

I also spent my weekend sewing.  Yep, you read right!  Sewing.  I don’t think I have sewed anything since the class I took in middle school.  And!, my mom barely helped me!! I found tutorials on Pinterest and these are what I accomplished!

The first is a simple bow clutch.  Tutorial by Elm Street Life

I used a navy fabric with a navy lining fabric with little tiny stars on them.  So cute.  Didn’t come out half-bad for someone who is just starting out.  My mom helped a bit with the zipper and some of the other steps that were completely new to me.

The next two items were a bit more difficult and I did them solely on my own (for the most part).

The first is a small coin purse/wallet type thing.  Tutorial by Thimbleanna

This one was a lot more difficult but mainly because the tutorial wasn’t the greatest.  Parts of it baffled my mom who is a lifetime sew-er.  I got it done though.

This is the super cute fabric I used.

Now here’s the finished product…

The front has a small clear plastic pocket for your license and the back has another pocket for your cell phone.  Not the greatest craftsmanship, but I’m still learning and I’m damn proud of it.

Next is this super cute earbud holder.  Tutorial by Dog Under My Desk

This one was a bit easier, although I had a bit of trouble stitching in a circle.  (BTW, how freaking cute are my earbuds?!  Thank you Hot Topic.)

Well, I have a mile-long list of other items I can’t wait to make.  For now this will have to hold me until after the 16th.  (Work is going to be INSANE until then and I won’t have much free time. Boohoo.)


One thought on “well here it goes…

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